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Amber Kostka

For many years Amber has desired to hike the Appalachian Trial. From the start, Amber knew she wanted to hike in connection with a charity focusing on Alzheimer’s, as she felt hiking for something greater than herself would provide continuous motivation even on tough days. On April 18, 2017 she made her plan a reality, hoping to raise $1 for each mile she hiked and donating all the money raised to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. So far Amber has raised $4,148!

Alzheimer’s disease has affected her personally. In 2015, after being diagnosed ten years prior, Amber’s grandmother died from Alzheimer’s and watching the disease progress was very hard for herself and for her family. Amber writes, “Our Mom-Mom was always such a joy – lighthearted, funny, and wore her dress to church every Sunday. I am in awe of how she managed her life with grace during many, many trying times. I wish I had a chance to know her as an adult, when I could really give her the thanks she deserved. Now, I am hoping I can raise money to help cure this awful disease in her honor.”