Rotary and Cure Alzheimer’s Fund announced an agreement to co-fund a new, groundbreaking research project to search for female-specific genetic and other factors contributing to women’s risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

In a press release announcing the agreement, Dee Lander of the Rotary Club of Martha’s Vineyard explained, “Alzheimer’s disease is decimating one out of four families in the United States and is costing the government more than $200 billion per year in medical costs. It must be stopped. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, with its extensive database of Alzheimer’s genetics and strong record of scientific achievement is well-suited to conduct this research.”

The release continues, “As a Rotary Member who is passionate about the important research being done to move towards the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s, I could not be more pleased that the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and The Rotary Foundation have come together to support this project,” said David Clifton, member of the Rotary Club of Sharon, MA and Chair of the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Rotary Action Group. “This cutting edge research will be vital in ensuring that we continue to see breakthroughs in the study of a complicated disease that affects so many people around the world.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Rotary Club, with the support of the Toronto Rotary Club, began the initiative for this project. The Rotary Foundation, a non-profit Charity, provided Rotary funding contribution to the project.