4.0 MILLION (small)OF THEM ARE WOMEN(/small)

At age 65, a woman is two times as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than a man. By age 75, she is three times as likely.

Alzheimer’s disease devastates its victims and their families, and disrupts their lives in multiple, complicated ways. It is especially cruel to women; they are more often afflicted by the disease than men, and are also more commonly the primary caretaker in their family.

We are 100% focused on finding a solution to this brutal and fatal disease—which is why 100% of all donations are used to fund research.

The disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

It is always fatal.

And two-thirds of those afflicted are women.



Alzheimer’s disease must be stopped—and the only way to stop it is through research. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is dedicated to funding research and stopping this dreadful disease.

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We are involved with a number of events each year, some that we produce and others that we attend and contribute to. We are also fortunate to have a group of people host events all over the country on our behalf.

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Throughout the world, women are working toward a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Here are the profiles of the passionate and dedicated women who put their intellect, energy, and resources toward ending this most challenging disease … every day. We are grateful— and honored—to call this exceptional group of women our Heroines.

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We are a non-profit dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. Our Board pays for all overhead expenses: 100% of your donation will go to research.

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Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

For many years, Alzheimer’s disease research was completely stifled by a lack of funding. Pharmaceutical companies were too wary of past failures to fund any new drug development. The drug pipeline was coming up dry, and researchers weren’t encouraged to think big or bold.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has helped change that. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2004 by three families frustrated by the slow pace of research. Leveraging their experience in venture capital and corporate start-ups, our founders (Henry McCance, Phyllis Rappaport, and Jacqui and Jeff Morby) came together to build a new Alzheimer’s research fund designed to dramatically accelerate research, make bold bets and focus exclusively on finding a cure.

Since its founding, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has contributed more than $90,000,000 to research, and its funded initiatives have been responsible for several key breakthroughs—including a potential treatment recently selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for its elite “Blueprint” drug discovery program, and the ground-breaking “Alzheimer’s in a Dish” study, which promises to greatly accelerate drug testing and was reported by The New York Times as a “giant step forward”.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund supports some of the best scientific minds in the field of Alzheimer’s research, and it does so without any financial gain for its founders or donors. Fully 100 percent of funds raised by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund go directly to research—the Board of Directors covers all overhead expenses. Our Research Leadership Group is an all-star team of scientists working at premier research institutions across the country, regularly conferring with one another on the progress and impediments in their research and constantly sharing their data.

Our goal is to stop Alzheimer’s disease through early prediction, prevention and effective intervention in those patients who have become symptomatic.

Please join us in the quest for a cure.