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In 2007, 11-year-old Jessica Lavorgna from Tewksbury, New Jersey, raised money for research by selling plaid pajama bottoms as a class project. “Alzheimer’s is a disease where you sort of live in the past…you can’t remember your grandkids or friends…I would know, my grandma didn’t remember my sister or me,” wrote Jessica. Her efforts raised $1,200. How extraordinary and humbling.

Jessica and many other amazing and imaginative people have been generous with their time and organizing efforts to contribute to the search of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Road races – tournaments – bake sales – recitals – and even the sale of masks during the pandemic have generated financial resources for research due to the generosity of so many.

In this section are the heroes – champions – who have worked to rid the world of the burden of Alzheimer’s disease. We are honored that they have selected Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and donated to our mission.

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