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My initiative with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is to highlight the power of music in [the] treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This initiative includes my original one-woman show, ‘Remember When,’ and a new short film produced by my arts production company Morganacity, centered around a woman with Alzheimer’s. The film is in the pre-production phase.

While I was in high school and continuing into college, I performed 45-minute solo concerts for senior citizens in local retirement communities, nursing homes and rehab centers. These residences often housed the memory impaired. I was able to witness firsthand how music affected those residents, how their faces lit up at recognizing a song, and how they gladly sang along to songs from their early adult years even though they were often not aware of their current surroundings. Those moments of connection stuck with me and showed me that music matters, especially for people with Alzheimer’s. I will forever try to make any art I produce matter and be of help to improve the lives of others.”

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