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The Face of Alzheimer’s—2/3 of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women.

Neuroscientists do not yet know why women are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease at twice the rate of men. For years, many believed that women were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more often simply because they tend to live longer. However, recent findings suggest that there is more to the story. Studies have shown, for instance, that both a woman’s level of female sex hormones and the number of pregnancies she has had may have a significant impact on her likelihood of developing the disease. Ongoing research may determine the role female genetics plays in the development and progression of the disease

Alzheimer’s also disproportionately impacts the women connected to those suffering from the disease. 66% of Alzheimer’s patient caregivers are women, many of whom will retire early, cut back on work hours, or resign from or lose their jobs due to the responsibilities of taking care of someone with the disease. Their labor makes up part of the more than 18 billion unpaid caregiving hours provided to Alzheimer’s patients by family and friends each year. 

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund intends to cure this disease. With your help, we can. 

For all of the women whose lives have been and will be upended—both those diagnosed with the disease and the ones who love them—please click here to donate now and join the fight to end Alzheimer’s.