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Assistant Professor, Gerontology, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California

Sex differences between men and women often are overlooked in scientific research, particularly when it comes to aging. Bérénice Benayoun wants to change that. 

Research in Dr. Benayoun’s lab investigates how epigenetics and gene expression change with aging, and the interplay of these changes with overlooked cues such as biological sex. Her lab uses machine learning and big data approaches to discover novel genes and pathways that play a role in healthy aging and disease. Dr. Benayoun is seeking to answer how menopause affects cells, and to discover the impact on women as they age.  

In the webinar “Making Reproductive Longevity a Reality,” Dr. Benayoun gives a talk about reproductive longevity and the impact of menopause on the aging process. 

To learn more about the Benayou Lab, click here