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Director, Alzheimer’s Prevention Program; Associate Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology; Director, Women’s Brain Initiative, Weill Cornell Medical College/New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Lisa Mosconi is a world-renowned neuroscientist ranked among the top 1% of scientists of the past 20 years by official metrics; she was listed as one of the 17 most influential living female scientists by The Times. Called “the Mona Lisa of Neuroscience” by ELLE International, Dr. Mosconi’s research focus is on how genetics, environment and lifestyle literally shape the brain—the female brain, in particular. Her training in neuroscience, nuclear medicine and nutrition provides a unique perspective to assess how to modulate risk through a combination of medical care, lifestyle, diet, and body and brain fitness. 

In work funded by CureAlz, Dr. Mosconi studies why Alzheimer’s risk is higher in women, and her lab seeks to identify female-specific brain bioenergetic targets.  

The mission of the Weill Cornell Women’s Brain Initiative is to discover sex-based molecular targets and precision therapies to prevent, delay and minimize risk of Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more, click here

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