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Instructor in Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Luisa Quinti is a trained chemist who works on drug screening, the initial stage of identification of a drug that can alter the path of a disease. Dr. Quinti and fellow CureAlz-funded scientist Dr. Doo Yeon Kim pioneered a novel 3D “Alzheimer’s in a Dish” model to revolutionize Alzheimer’s disease drug screening.  

Dr. Quinti has a strong familiar connection to dementia on both sides of her family. Her maternal grandmother and one of her sisters had it, and now one of her uncles does as well. 

“The road from drug screening to a commercialized therapy is long, windy and very costly. As the Alzheimer’s disease field advances, we try to make more educated and accurate drug predictions—for example, looking at drugs that have been successful in other related diseases. We hope that our work will shed light toward faster development of a cure.”