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Neuroradiologist, Head and Neck Radiologist; Professor of Population Imaging, Departments of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and Epidemiology, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Meike Vernooij studies how the brain ages and whether diseases like dementia can be better understood by using brain scans. Her research leads to more insight into disease etiology (causes of disease), and ultimately has the potential to help find targets to intervene upon before dementia develops.

“My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and in my patient-based work as a clinical neuroradiologist, I read scans of patients visiting the memory clinic. Learning their stories, which brought them and their loved ones to seek help, always deeply affects me. I hope we can reduce their burden someday through our research.

“The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund funding we acquired will help us join forces in two research fields, my own on population neuroimaging and that on vascular imaging by my colleague, Dr. Daniel Bos. It enables us to study how vascular arteriosclerosis affects neurodegenerative processes such as amyloid brain pathology.

Hear from Dr. Vernooij in her engaging TEDx talk, “Unravelling Our Brain’s Wiring,” how technology is making her a better “brain detective.”

To learn more about Dr. Vernooij and her current research, click here.